Artificial intelligence has come a long way: it has resurrected time and again after having been declared ‘dead’ several times in the last decades. Today, artificial intelligence is more than a new, old hype as it is forging ahead to transform how businesses operate and thus reshape the way humans work. Still, public understanding of its concepts is limited and the impact on the way we understand our world today is currently being debated intensely.

In the first golden age of AI, expert systems were at the center of attention. While still being an active research field today, their commercial applications have been very limited. Several drawbacks resulted in its decline:

  • Closed-world assumption: Everything has to be defined from the beginning.
  • Incapable to adjust to changes in the environment.

But  deep learning is all the rage these days, and it can be a great tool for very specific applications. However, there are also serious limitations:

  • Accuracy depends on how well the training-set captures the real-world scenario.
  • Intransparancy of the learning process: Acquired skills cannot be extracted, re-used or optimized.

At Arago we are driving a different approach: We start from reasoning with a knowledge based problem solving engine. This allows us to use formalized language to teach knowledge to the machine. We avoid the typical pitfalls of classic expert systems by allowing for incomplete information and ambiguities in possible solutions. Our experts are using machine learning approaches to optimize the solutions by the problem solving engine. And we are using neural networks for perception, i.e., to recognize patterns in large streams of unstructured input data.

So we welcome you to take a deep dive and explore how the beauty of technology and the power of AI unfold: Read more about the latest AI news digest/research digest and get the big picture about this disruptive game changer – commented by our AI experts. Read more about our own AI research and news about HIRO (Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized)™, Aragos AI-based automation platform in the news/research section.